A Story from Africa
Realizado por Billy Woodberry

2019 | Duração: 32 minutos
Following the 1885 Berlin Conference resolution on the partition of Africa, the Portuguese army uses a talented ensign to register the effective occupation of the territory conquered in 1907 to the Cuamato people, in the south of Angola. A Story from Africa enlivens this rarely seen photographic archive through the tragic tale of Calipalula, the Cuamato nobleman essential to the unfolding of events in this Portuguese pacification campaign.
The Berlin Conference had established the principle of effective occupation to have African territorial rights recognized by the European Colonial Powers thus replacing the previous historical right principle.
The Portuguese Empire in Africa controlled the Congo river connection to the Atlantic and coastal areas in Eastern and Western coast of sub-Saharan Africa under the principle of historic right turned obsolete after the resolutions of 1885.
A national effort of pacification campaigns to secure its African territories and a grand expansion colonial project called Pink Map will lead the Portuguese to take men and arms to prove the British and German Empire Portugal’s ability to submit to vassalage and lead a civilizing mission in the interior areas of Angola and Mozambique.
Directed by Billy Woodberry
Produced by Rui Alexandre Santos and Billy Woodberry
Editor: Luís Nunes
Music and sound design: António de Sousa Dias
Research: Teresa Gusmão
* 69th Berlinale International Film Festival - Forum * MoMA Doc Fortnight New York * Los Angeles Pan-African Film Festival Oficial Selection 2019 * Curitiba Olhar de Cinema - International Competition 2019 * Curtas de Vila do Conde 2019 - Competição Nacional * DocLisboa Competição Nacional 2019 - FCAT - Festival de Cine Africano - Tarifa-Tanger 2020 * Festival ECRÃ Rio de Janeiro 2020 * Festival Tigritudes 2022 - Paris Forum Des Images * Broadway Cinematheque Hong Kong 2021 * TEA Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes 2021 * Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo 2020 * Estreia Comercial Cinema Ideal 2020.
Áudio: English
Legendas: Português
Título original: A Story from Africa
Género: Documentário
País: Portugal